The purpose of our club ratings is to provide level play sessions at our club and to ensure that members attending those sessions are playing at the appropriate level to provide as much fun and closely-matched games as possible. 

Skills / Rating Methodology

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Updated Jan 6, 2024

Rating Procedure

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Updated Jan 6, 2024


Updated Jan 6, 2024

If I get a new rating, how soon can I play at that level?

The CourtReserve admins need a couple of days to enter the new data.  Once it is entered, you can use your new rating.  Please be patient, we are volunteers with lives outside of pickleball.

If I get assessed and I move down a level, is it effective immediately

The CourtReserve admins need a couple of days to enter the new data.  Once it is entered, your new rating will be in effect.

If I don't feel confident in being assessed now, can I wait until the outdoor season?

The short answer is yes, you can wait.  The longer answer is it seems that you are unsure if you are giving the members around you the game that they deserve.  We would strongly encourage you to go through the ratings process earlier as balancing the level play is what this is all about.

What if I am unavailable for the ratings session during the indoor season?

We will be putting on ratings sessions during the spring outdoor season as well.  You can attend one of those.

If something comes up and I can't make it, how do I get a refund?

If you have to withdraw and it is more than 24 hours in advance, you are eligible for a refund.

You must let the board know that you have withdrawn so we can get another member to attend in your place.

If this becomes a common issue with members withdrawing too late, we will adjust the withdrawal period accordingly.

This is a manual operation in CourtReserve which is run by volunteers.  It may take a few of days to process a refund.
NOTE: We approve the refund in CourtReserve and have no control over when CourtReserve / Stripe will refund your credit card.

Will I be able to play down with my spouse or partner?

Yes, we can give you a dual-rating so you can play with your significant other.  This will be done after you have a confirmed rating.

Why would the video be shared with the board members?

In the event there is a member who wishes to contest their assigned rating, the board may review the video with the assessing pro to determine if there was possibly an error.

Does the board have any influence on ratings?


What is the deadline for playing level play without going through the assessment process?

It will be announced on CourtReserve.

Will the ratings distribution be used when creating the outdoor schedule

Yes.  We typically take a look at the percentage of the club that each skill rating is and attempt to give them that amount of prime time.  It will never be perfect but we do our best to keep it fair for everyone.

Will I receive a certificate to prove my rating?

No.  It is a club rating and has no use anywhere else.