Trillium Pickleball League

There are four clubs that are starting up a brand-new interclub league this year: Pickleball Hamilton, Greystone, Mississauga and Etobicoke.

The league will run between June 4th and July 30th most Saturdays from 2-5pm. Out of the members that registered, there will be 4 women and 4 men that compete each week, either at Hill Park or one of the other clubs.

You can visit the official league page at

Week 1 - June 4

Pickleball Hamilton @ Mississauga PH Record: 23-9

Week 2 - June 18

Mississauga @ Pickleball Hamilton

Week 3 - July 9

Greystone @ Pickleball Hamilton

Week 4 - July 16

Pickleball Hamilton @ Etobicoke

Week 5 - July 23

Etobicoke @ Pickleball Hamilton

Week 6 - July 30

Pickleball Hamilton @ Greystone





Pickleball Hamilton