The following is a list of responsibilities and instructions

Before the event

  1. Sign-up to facilitate a session. You must sign up for both the session you are playing and the separate facilitator sign-up.

  2. Ensure you understand what session type(s) (e.g. open play, level play, ladder) you are facilitating.

  3. Check on CourtReserve how many players you are expecting.

  4. Aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your session.

  5. Take your phone for checking sign-ups and calling a board member (see List of Facilitators tab) if there are issues.

TIP: Show up with a plan for your session as it will tend to run more smoothly when you do. For example, if you're running a round-robin, show up with the sheets printed and ready to go. If you're running a challenge court, know how you're going to do it. If you want to run rally scoring, be prepared to explain it.

At the start of the event

  1. If there is no session before you, unlock the gate for the new courts. If there are people booked for the old courts, also open the gate for the old courts.

    1. If there is no session before you, unlock the gate for the new courts. If there are people booked for the old courts, also open the gate for the old courts.

  2. Check the court conditions are suitable for play and take appropriate action if required to clear debris/water.

    1. *If you need squeegees or brooms to clean off the courts, there should be equipment inside the court area.

  3. Check all attendees are current Members. If you do not know them - ask their name.

  4. Advise players which types of play (e.g. open play, level play, etc.) are on which courts.

  5. There are balls in bins on the court for members to use. For night play, there are amber balls in the bin that can be used - please put them back in the bin when you're done.

During the event

  1. Try to ensure that the play rules in place are being observed, such as etiquette rules and game format (i.e. winners stay and split, max 2 games).

  2. If required, adjust play from 11 (win by two) to straight to 9.

  3. Stop play if conditions become unsafe or if there is an accident*.

    1. *The AED, first-aid kit and extra bottled water are in the bin at the courts.

    2. *In case of an accident/injury, please fill out the accident report. There are printed copies in the bin.

    3. *In case of an accident/injury, emergency contact info can be found on the Emerg Info tabs of the Facilitator Sheet. (You can find this sheet by tapping the top of the PH 2022 Court Facilitators Signal Group.

  4. Listen to and take a record of any instances of inappropriate behaviour. Try to not get personally involved in altercations.

  5. If members would like to stay into the next session to continue playing or finish a game, they must sign up if there is space at least 15 mins before the end of the session.

After the event

  1. Announce last serve at time up.

  2. If members are staying into the next session, encourage them to sign up using CourtReserve for the next event if there is room prior to the next event starting. Please make an announcement during your session as well as at the end of the session, i.e. 10 minutes to the hour, to remind members to sign up if they are staying.

    1. Please note that members should make every effort to sign up if they are staying into the next session, however we will leave it up to the discretion of our facilitators whether to allow members to stay into the next session if they haven't signed up (in cases of technical difficulties, etc.). If we notice that this 'allowance' is being abused, we will more strictly enforce sign-up for all sessions.

  3. Coordinate with the incoming facilitator if appropriate.

  4. If there is no session after you, lock up both sets of courts. If there is a session after you, check to see whether the old courts are being used or can be locked up.

  5. Place any items left behind in the storage box and send a picture/communication on Signal.

  6. If there are any events/incidents/accidents that occur during your session(s), please note them in the Facilitator Notes tab.

Hill Park Layout

What do I get for being a facilitator?

The first bonus is you won't have sessions where you can't play because there isn't a facilitator.

The second bonus is that you get an extra Prime Time advanced booking each week.

Register as a facilitator?

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please click here.

*Please note, it may take us a day or two to update your account in CourtReserve to the facilitator status.