We have a member Signal group (messaging app) that you can join that will enable you to connect with others both socially and to play, ask questions, be informed of weather cancellations, announcements, upcoming events, and more! 

Click here to download Signal for Windows, MAC, Linux or your phone.

*Note, you must install Signal on your phone before you can use it on your computer.


Members, please see your Welcome Package for links to the groups.

PH 2023  - Members       

This is a social Group where you can meet other members, ask questions and so much more

PH 2023 - Announcements

This is a group for outgoing messages only, providing updates, announcements and other news to our members

PH 2023 - CourtReserve Help   

This group provides help for CourtReserve related questions and issues (e.g. profile, signing up for sessions etc.).

PH 2023 - Hill Park Maintenance        

This group is for members who would like to help out with Hill Park maintenance, nets and windscreens.