What is Prime Time?

For the summer session, it is:

Mon-Sun 8am-12pm

Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm

Note: The event name will have "PT" in it to denote Prime Time. Special events run during prime time do not count.

Can the admins change my pickleball rating?

Not without the board instructing them to do so. If you are concerned with your rating, you need to look on this page.

There's empty spots, can the admins change the schedule the night before to open up for more players?

I'm afraid not. These events are on a recurring schedule and we would be constantly making changes and then putting it back. Since we are volunteers running this, it's not viable to ask them to be glued to their computers to make changes on a regular basis.

Booking Restrictions / Quotas

How often can I play? / What are the booking restrictions?

For the summer session, we have set the limit of 3 advanced bookings (4 for facilitators) during prime time for each week. Starting 25 hours prior to a session, the restrictions are lifted and you can book unlimited sessions this way.

The week in CourtReserve is from Monday to Sunday. Therefore your advanced booking restrictions reset each Monday.

Example 1:

You have booked Monday 8am (Prime Time) and have no other bookings. You show up to the Monday session wish to stay for the 10am session. The 10am session would be considered your second Prime Time booking for the week. You can still book more prime time sessions, however you can only do so within 25 hours of its start.

Example 2:

You have booked Monday 8am (Prime Time) and Friday 6pm (Prime Time). You show up to the Monday session and wish to stay for the 10am session. If there is room, you can book it and your Friday 6pm will be maintained since you booked it in advance. You can still book more prime time sessions, however you can only do so within 25 hours of its start.

Is there somewhere in CourtReserve that tells me how many Prime Time spots I've used?

Unfortunately, no. You will have to track it yourself.

What if I don't show up to a prime time event and I don't cancel?

It counts towards your weekly booking quota. If you're not going to show up, make sure you cancel.

If I'm on the waitlist for a prime time event, does that count towards my quota?

Yes, CourtReserve sees that as a booking. If the event passes and you were not added to the event playing list, it will be removed from counting against your quota.

Booking Playing Time

When can I book?

Most events open for booking 7 days in advance beginning at 7:00am.

Most events allow you to sign up right until the end. Once the event has passed, there is no way to retro-actively sign you up.

*NOTE: Junior members are not allowed to book during prime time and MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can I get the people on the level play waitlist to go to the BYOG side?

Yes you can certainly message the waitlisted players to book on the BYOG side. You can either book as Open or BYOG.
NOTE: Once you have booked a playing spot on the Open/BYOG side, you need to remove yourself from the waitlist on the level play side.

Can I book BYOG while on the waitlist for level play?

No. Once you have booked playing time for BYOG, you need to remove yourself from the level play waitlist at the same time. This is the only equitable way to handle playing time. This is because there is a chance that you make it from the waitlist to the playing list and now you are occupying 2 spots at the same time.


If you are booked for multiple events at the same time and it is brought to the attention of the CourtReserve admin, the admin will typically do the following:

  • Reach out to you to correct the error yourself.

    • If you don't respond quickly, the admin will make a choice for you

      • The following criteria will be used as it will typically be the case:

        • You are registered for BYOG and level play at the same time. The admin will see that you have a group to play with on BYOG and will likely remove you from level play, especially if there are members on the waitlist for level play. This is the most fair way to do it as it allows the most members the opportunity to play

        • If you don't like the admin's choice and wish to play level play, you need to remove your name from BYOG and add your name back to level play (whether it is waitlist or not)

How do I book?

Follow the instructions on the Booking Play page. There are videos linked on that page that detail how to use the web browser or the mobile app.

Can I get one of the CourtReserve Admins to book for me?

No! We are volunteers, not booking agents.

Can I book for my friend who is a member?

Only if you have their CourtReserve login information

Can I book for a junior member?

If they are registered as part of your family, you can book for them. When you book for a junior member, you must accompany them whenever they are on the courts.

I want to bring a guest, how do I do that

Guests are allowed to book during non Prime Time sessions.

Please note, at the moment the guest is responsible for paying the guest fee. We have asked CourtReserve to change this and are still waiting for the software update.

Your guest can sign up here.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary procedure as CourtReserve is working on a system where you as a member can invite a guest and pay for them. Once this is ready, we will move towards this system.

Canceling or Withdrawing

What is the cancellation policy?

Currently, you can cancel up to one hour prior to an event but we ask that you cancel at least 2 hours in advance to give others the opportunity to take your spot and play

When can I cancel or withdraw?

Typically, you can withdraw from an event up to 1 hour before the event starts. Be courteous and withdraw as soon as you know you can't make it to give others a chance to use the spot. We may change this to 2 hours or more if we find people are not giving enough notice to allow others to play.

How do I cancel my spot?

There are videos on the Booking Play page showing you how.

What happens if an event is cancelled due to weather?

It is up to the facilitator to cancel an event. It is up to you to withdraw from the event. If you don't and it is a Prime Time event, it will count towards your quota.


What is a facilitator and why do I need one?

For a complete list of facilitator duties, please click here.

Some other clubs call the facilitator the "Court Host".

Sometimes they come with a playing plan to mix things up such as round robin, challenge courts, rally scoring.

How do I know if there's a facilitator?

You can follow the guide here.

What if I've signed up but there's no facilitator?

Since a facilitator is required to run a session, PLEASE reach out on the PH 2022 Members Signal chat (fastest method) or email (slowest method) to ask for one! We have a great group of volunteers that will step up if they can. You can also volunteer to be a facilitator to ensure that the session will run!

What happens if we can't get a facilitator?

The courts will not be open without a facilitator. In this case, you might consider becoming one.

How do I become a facilitator?

Please read the duties of the facilitator. There is a link to register as a facilitator on that page.

BYOG (Bring Your Own Group)

I get an error message "BYOG Group Members is required"

You need to tap the empty space below BYOG Group Members to bring up your keyboard. Click here for a visual.

CourtReserve says I need to be a part of a BYOG Group

For BYOG sessions, you are expected to type in your 3 other playing partners. The field is mandatory and needs to be filled in before you can reserve your playing spot.


I'm having trouble using CourtReserve to sign up, what should I do

  1. Reach out on the PH 2022 CourtReserve Help Signal chat (The link to join is in your PH 2022 Summer Welcome Package)

    1. Be specific as to what the issue is

    2. Provide screenshots to help others see what you are seeing. (Click here if you don't know how to take a screenshot)

    3. Be polite, we are volunteers trying to help you

Without all of the above, it will be harder to help you and will likely take longer to get your problem resolved

My CourtReserve App isn't working

Please make sure your mobile app is up to date and log in using the same email address you used to sign up with Pickleball Hamilton

I forgot my username or password

Your username is the email address you used to sign up for Pickleball Hamilton.

To reset your password, you will need to use your computer's web browser.

Go to CourtReserve and enter your email address and click Submit.

Check your email and use the link provided to change your password.

I get a blank screen when I open the CourtReserve app

Please update the app on your phone and it should fix the issue.

It was caused by an update in settings by Google in the Android OS which affected CourtReserve and many other software packages.

Can I filter the events to see level play for me?

Yes. Click Events -> List, then type in your level in the filter box. To see how, click here.

I can't find Pickleball Hamilton when I try to create an account with CourtReserve

That's correct. We have intentionally hidden our club from public signups. This is because our procedure is that we will initiate your account with us as this prevents members from having multiple accounts. You will receive an email from CourtReserve. Use the link in the email to set your password and you'll be on your way.

How do I read the event names in CourtReserve?

Click here to see the details.

What do all of the colours mean in CourtReserve?

NOTE: The Gray background is only bookable 25 hours in advance.