Public Access

Public access to Hill Park courts 1-4 is generally available during the times shown below.

**PLEASE NOTE: Some times shown below may be unavailable to the public due to special events being run by Pickleball Hamilton.

All public players will be required to sign up with Pickleball Canada for a cost of $25.  We have put together a basic guide to help you get started with the registration process.

This membership type is non-refundable.  

Once you are signed up, you will be added to CourtReserve - our booking software (This process may take up to 5 days).  You must book your playing time through CourtReserve.

Members of Pickleball Hamilton may book these times as well.

Public Member Schedule

Monday 10am-12pm

Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Thursday 10am-12pm

Saturday 4pm-6pm

Sunday 4pm-6pm

Access begins Monday May 8, 2023


All events on this page are at Hill Park - 305 South Bend Rd E, Hamilton, ON, L9A 4K6