Public Access

Public Access is not available at this time due to a lack of a licensing agreement with the city. Once this has been finalized, we will open up for public registrations. We don't have a timeline as this is up to the city.

Public access to Hill Park courts 1-6 is generally available during the times shown below.

**PLEASE NOTE: Some times shown below may be unavailable to the public due to special events being run by Pickleball Hamilton.

All public players will be required to sign up with Pickleball Canada for a cost of $25.

Once you are signed up, you will be added to Court Reserve - our booking software. You must book your playing time through Court Reserve.

Just like city run pickleball, booking is restricted to 25 hours in advance and you are allowed unlimited bookings.

Members of Pickleball Hamilton may book these times as well.


PH 2022 Schedule