Winter Schedule

Winter-Indoor Details

*YMCA will no longer be available as of December 10, 2022

PH 2022/2023 Indoor Schedule

Winter-Outdoor Details

Programming Format

The old six courts at Hill Park are available ONLY FOR MEMBERS for outdoor play over the winter season, however you must bring your own nets, balls and have a facilitator. Anyone may volunteer to be a facilitator.

You need to sign up on CourtReserve as we are still required to track who has been using the courts.

Booking Restrictions

Unlimited bookings, however bookings are obviously weather-dependent. Please do not play if there is any ice or snow.

You will be provided with a Google sheets link to book any outdoor sessions (for contact tracing purposes).

Snow Removal Reminders

  • We have provided snow shovels at the courts. No other snow removal equipment is permitted.

  • No sand or salt is permitted.

  • You must not shovel snow up against the fences.