New Member

I just joined Pickleball Hamilton. Now what?

Now it's time to play! You should have received an email from Pickleball Canada - this should contain a welcome package that will have all the info you need! You will also receive an email from CourtReserve shortly to set up your profile to be able to book your sessions. Sign up for a session and come on out!  Check out our Booking Play page to see how.

I don't have balls or a paddle. Do I need to get any?

We have a few spare paddles available for guests and new players for the summer season. Please make sure they are put back after use.  If you are looking to purchase a paddle, please reach out on Signal and we have several different reps that can help you out!  

We will be providing balls at our Hill Park courts. We may be selling balls for interested members depending on our stock. More info can be found in your welcome package.

Booking Play and Court Reserve

I have questions about booking play.

Please see our FAQ's - Booking

I have questions about Court Reserve.

Please see our FAQ's - Booking

Playing Format

When do we start in the morning?

For our courts at Hill Park, our licensing agreement states we are not to play between 10:00pm and 8:00am.

Please respect these times.

What does a typical session look like?

We require a facilitator in order to run a session. For summer, they'll unlock the gate to let members in. Members can play for the full 1 hr 50 mins of the session. Summer is usually a cap of 16 for 3 courts.  Games are to typically to 11, then everyone comes off and puts their paddle in the paddle board. Sessions end at 10 to the hour to allow transition time before the next session.

How do I use the paddle board?

After a game is finished, everyone comes off the court.  

For Open Play: There is a winner’s side of the paddle board and loser’s side, put your paddles in the holes on the appropriate side starting at the top.  When you go back on the court, play with a person you haven’t played with yet. Change the arrow to the other side when you go up.

For BYOG Play: Place your four paddles in an empty row that puts you last in line to get a court.  When your turn comes up to play, you all go on again.

What ball do I use?

The ONIX Fuse G2 Pickleball creates a consistency between the indoor and outdoor game.  It is a softer ball which makes it easier to control and that lasts longer in cold temperatures.  This is the choice brand of ball for players starting out or lower levels (1.0 to 3.0) that need better control of the soft shots.

The Franklin X40 is the official pickleball of USA Pickleball and the US Open Pickleball Championships.  It tends to be a little bit harder and not as easy to control.  It cracks easily in cold temperatures.  Some players prefer this one.  The X on the ball defines the Franklin ball.

Play with the type of ball that you are comfortable with.

Anything else I need to know about sessions?

For Hill Park, the six new courts (7-12) do not have benches, so please bring a chair if you want a place to sit. 

We have bins at Hill Park in the court 7-12 area that contains our AED and First-Aid Kits. It also contains extra water, paddles (please sanitize and put back after use) and our lost and found. 

We have rented portable toilets which are located outside of our courts.

Please bring plenty of water as the Recreational Centre may not be open for you to refill.

Other Member FAQ's

I heard there is a club rating system? What is it?

For our level play sessions, we want to ensure our members have the best possible time playing with other members at that level! We've implemented a club rating system which you can read about on the Club Ratings page.

What is the best way to stay informed of club news and upcoming events?

We will send out email blasts to our members as well as post on our Signal group. We'll also do our best to update upcoming events on our website. And of course, word of mouth at the courts spreads the message the best!

You can also see past editions of our Newsletters on our webpage.

I see some members with Pickleball Hamilton shirts. How do I get one?

See your welcome package for more detail including contact info and pricing.

How else can I be involved?

In terms of more play, we have a team ladder, interclub events, special pickleball/social events and more! We will send communications out to keep our members informed of upcoming events!

If you are interested in volunteering, please see below.

I'd like to volunteer. What is there to do?

We'd love your help! We have committees that you can join, you can volunteer to help out by being a facilitator, the list goes on...There are countless tasks and I'm sure that we can find a perfect fit for your skills and preferences! Please approach a board member or fill out the form on the Volunteers page. We are a volunteer-run organization so the club cannot run without volunteers like you!