Programming Descriptions

Typical Play

Open Play

We encourage all members to mix at these sessions.  Games are to 11 and then all players place their paddles in the Paddle BoardThey go to the end of the line and wait for a court to become available.

BYOG (Bring Your Own Group)

Please ensure you have at least a foursome when booking this session (feel free to use Signal to find others for a group!).  If there are groups that are waiting, the games should be timed and you are to rotate which group is sitting.

There is a BYOG OWNERS event and a BYOG PLAYERS event at the same time on the same courts.  The Owners must sign up first and confirm they have a spot followed by their players.

Level Play (Ones with numbers)

Designated sessions for specific level play (based on club rating).

Public Access

Periods of time where we open the courts to our Public members

These event names will have the word "Public" in them.

Some are shared level play to increase the amount of level play options.

Event titles will contain "Public" indicating "Public Access"

Special Events

FNL (Friday Night Lights)

A fun evening of open play pickleball.  Some nights have a theme and music.

Yoga + Skills & Drills

Start your day with an instructor-led Yoga session.  Follow that up with a session for players to improve their skills without playing a game.  Drilling is a great way to work on that shot you've been wanting to improve or develop.

Trillium Inter-Club League

See more information on the Trillium League here.

Blind Doubles

Blind Doubles is a fun event for all members. You enter as a single and the organizers randomly partner players from the lower 50% skill level group with a player from the higher 50% skill level group.

Fast & Furious (aka Ladder)

You get put on a court with 3 others.  You will play a mini-game with each other player as your partner and track the scores.  The 2 players with the most points move "up" a court while the 2 players with the least points move "down" a court.  The objective is to get to the "top" court.

Sunday Night Pickleball

A fun evening where you compete for your team and cheer them on.

We create 4 teams consisting of 10 players (2 from each level).

You play against the other teams at your level in a round-robin format and each win is worth 1 point.

The teams are then sorted 1-4 when the round robin is complete.

The semi-finals are teams 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3.  The winners move on to the Gold medal match while the others move on to the Dirty Gold (Bronze) medal match.