Programming Descriptions

Open Play

We encourage all members to mix at these sessions.  Games are to 11 and then all players place their paddles in the Paddle BoardThey go to the end of the line and wait for a court to become available.

BYOG (Bring Your Own Group)

Please ensure you have at least a foursome when booking this session (feel free to use Signal to find others for a group!).  If there are groups that are waiting, the games should be timed and you are to rotate which group is sitting.

There is a BYOG OWNERS event and a BYOG PLAYERS event at the same time on the same courts.  The Owners must sign up first and confirm they have a spot followed by their players.

Level Play (Ones with numbers)

Designated sessions for specific level play (based on club rating).

Open or BYOG

When signing up, indicate whether you are playing Open or BYOG.  If you are playing BYOG, you can indicate your group members and play exclusively with them.  If you are playing Open, you are expected to mix with all other members. 

Skills & Drills

A session for players to improve their skills without playing a game.  Drilling is a great way to work on that shot you've been wanting to improve or develop.  This session will act like BYOG but in this case, you Bring Your Own Drilling Partner(s).

*NOTE: This is not instructor led.

Public Access (Events with "PA")

Periods of time where we open the courts to our Public members

These event names will have the acronym "PA" in them.

These will follow the Open or BYOG concept.

Event titles will contain "PA" indicating "Public Access"

Ladder League

See more information on ladders here.

Trillium Inter-Club League

See more information on the Trillium League here.

Invitational High-Level Training Sessions

Some of the top players in Ontario are invited to our Club to train and play on certain Sundays throughout the summer. On Sundays when these do not occur, these sessions will be Open/BYOG Play.

Court Facilitator

Facilitators may decide on how to distribute the playing time evenly and fairly.  They may decide to run a round robin, have a challenge court, use the paddle boards or to have a session using rally scoring (where the team that wins the rally gets a point - regardless of who served the ball).

Click here for instructions on using the Paddle Board

Pub Night

Please join us for our weekly Wednesday Pub Night at Shoeless Joe’s (on Upper James) starting at 8pm.

Blind Doubles

Blind Doubles is a fun event for all members. You enter as a single and the organizers randomly partner players from the lower 50% skill level group with a player from the higher 50% skill level group.

To see how these are used in our event naming in CourtReserve, click here.