Team Ladders - Members Only

What are they?

Ladders are a format of gameplay that matches members against each other, and members will move up or down in the rankings as they win or lose. The FUN ladder is a great way to meet new people and the competitive ladders are a great way to get some fun and competitive games at your level. Please see below for how it works.


Start: June 13th, 2022

The session is expected to be 8 weeks.

(We plan to run another set of 8-week ladders for Aug-Sep to allow more members the opportunity to play)

Weekly Schedule:

See below

PH 2022 Ladder Schedule

Playing Format:

Courts: 6 courts (Courts 7-12)

# of Participants: 24 per ladder (first-come, first-served basis – registration info below)

Ball: any

Game Format:

Participants will be randomly placed on courts for the first matches of the first day.

Round 1

Participants will play three 9-minute games on that court, one with each of the other players (with 2 minute breaks between games).

Participants will have to record their court’s scores in a google sheet (link to be provided after registration is closed).

After the three games, the four players on the court will be ranked based on wins (tiebreaks determined by total points).

Top two players on the court move up a court and bottom two players move down a court.

There will be a five-minute break after Round 1, before being repeated twice more in Round 2 and Round 3.

Standings at the end of the ladder session will determine starting courts for the next week’s session.

*Note: this is the expected format however it may be subject to change as we finalize details closer to the start date.

To register, members use the link provided in your welcome package

*Please note: you can only register for one ladder per summer

We are accepting registration for Jun-Jul or Aug-Sep. We will potentially allow members to participate in a second ladder at a future date if they do not fill up. As previously mentioned, we will accept the first 24 members to register for each ladder on a first-come, first-served basis. We will send an email out to participants/spares once a ladder is filled.

*Please note that you are committing to an 8-week ladder. If you are unable to attend in a given week, you will need to provide a substitute (we will provide a spares list with contact info for each ladder).