Notice on Club Ratings

Club ratings will be reviewed prior to the winter session and will be adjusted as necessary.

We need your help with this.

If there is someone who you feel is deserving of moving up or down, please let us know by using this form.

Exploring a new Club Ratings System

The board is exploring new methods for handling next year's club ratings and we want your opinion.

Please fill out this form to let us know how you would like us to handle club ratings.

Skill Descriptions and Testing

Adapted from the IPTPA guidelines, below are Pickleball Hamilton guidelines for our club ratings.

How Do Club Ratings Work?


The purpose of our club ratings is to provide level play sessions at our club and to ensure that members attending those sessions are playing at the appropriate level to provide as much fun and closely-matched games as possible.

Process For New Members

For new members, we ask that you self-rate using the skill description/testing documents above as guidelines and can attend level play sessions at your self-rated level. The board will observe your play and soon after joining/playing, we will provide you with a club rating.

Process For Existing Members

Existing members should have a club rating already and must use that rating when attending level play sessions.

Periodic Reviews

The board will review ratings periodically throughout our seasons and reach out to members if we believe their ratings need to be adjusted up or down.

Appeal Process

If you believe you have received an incorrect club rating, please submit a request by filling out the form below.

The board meets every month and will review your rating and let you know whether your request to move up/down has been approved or not. The board may also provide the member with a trial period at the requested level.

If your request is not approved, you also have the option to be assessed by our club pro (Matt Kawamoto) at the Hill Park courts for a $40 assessment fee. He will coordinate with the requestor to do a skills assessment based on the skill testing document above. He will also assess game play (3 games with 3 other members whose club ratings are at the challenged level). Similarly to above, he will approve the member moving up/down to the requested level or staying at their current level and will provide feedback as needed.