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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ontario Pickleball Championships 2016 results

The Ontario Pickleball Championships were held this past weekend at the Pan Am Centre in Markham. The best players in the province gathered to play, socialize and hold their Annual General Meeting.

It was a great success and a fantastic amount of fun. The skill level at this tournament as well as at the recent European Championships held in Amsterdam, along with the development and showcasing of professional players at the U.S. Open clearly illustrate why this game is now being enjoyed by millions around the world.

Pickleball Hamilton sent 24 of our best players to the Provincial Championships. They played extremely well representing Hamilton with distinction and bringing home 18 medals (4 Gold, 9 Silver, and 5 Bronze).

In the Men's Doubles 4.0 (ages 19-49), John Boyle and Steve Sztricsko won the Silver medal and Jeff Morgan and Derek Morgan claimed the Bronze by beating another PHA team, Tom and Matthew Kawamoto.  Excellent playing men!

In the Women’s Doubles 4.0 (ages 19-49) Jessica and Ellen Kawamoto won Silver. Also winning a Silver medal were Valentyna Stevens and Linda Kawamoto in the Women’s Doubles 3.5 (ages 19-59).

Marilyn Prowse won the Gold medal at the highest level 4.0 in the over 60 age category. Playing in their first tournament Liz Ling and Susan Sztricsko captured Bronze in the 3.0 division. Well done ladies!

In over 70 action, Ray Munro won a bronze medal with his partner from Ottawa. Well done Ray.

Pickleball Hamilton dominated the Mixed Doubles divisions at all age levels. Linda Kawamoto and her son, Matthew, won Gold in ages 19-49. Cathy Johnston and Andy Taylor (Kitchener) won Gold in ages 50-59 and Marilyn Prowse and John Sullivan captured Silver in ages 60-65.

Put viewing a Pickleball singles game on your bucket list. It is unbelievable to watch the player quickness and the fast-paced action. Two members of Pickleball Hamilton did very well at the highest level in singles action in Ontario over the weekend. Matthew Kawamoto won Silver and Tom Hodgson placed fourth. Very well done men!

We are also pleased to announce that the President of Pickleball Hamilton, Jeff Morgan, was elected to the Pickleball Association of Ontario. Jeff has been instrumental in promoting pickleball in the Hamilton area and he will continue to do so; but, now he will use his skills and talents in promoting pickleball province wide. We thank Jeff, and his family, for taking on these duties and wish him success.