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The first annual Hamilton & District Pickleball Championships were held Saturday, October 18th and Sunday, October 19th at the Ancaster Rotary Centre. From dawn’s first light to evening’s last glimmer, the gym at the Ancaster Rotary Centre echoed with the sounds of friendly competition for two long days.

108 competitors came from far (Manitoulin Island) and wide (Ottawa) to meet, make new friends and play lots and lots of pickleball!

Prior to the event, all competitors were informed of the format of play, which began with a series of round robin matches. The overall level of play was surprisingly competitive.  The top four teams from round robin play went on to the semi–final and final rounds to determine which teams would receive the coveted gold, silver and bronze heirloom medallions.

With 108 competitors, and 320 matches scheduled to be played on only 4 courts in two days, it was necessary to schedule 15 minute timed matches. Despite some initial scepticism it was hugely successful. After the final results were tallied, a whopping  87% of matches were completed within the 15 minute time limit. Other matches finished in exciting manner as time ran out on comeback bids. And the tournament finished on time both days… miracles do happen!

Here are the results by category


55 Ladies Results
   1.   Judy Alaskiewicz and Kim Benke
   2.   Carla Black and Marilyn Prowse
   3.   Lyn Levandowski and Akiko Nakamura
   4.   Pamela Day and Michelle Tsumura

65 Ladies Results
   1.   Margaret Gruhn and Carol Weber
   2.   Joanne Boehlke and Yolande Lew
   3.   Joan Archer and Anne Robertson
   4.   Ute Hueffer and Diane Pounder

55 Men’s Results
   1.   Larry Howells and Wayne Sawdon
   2.   Lance Heydon and Michael Yam
   3.   Bud Hebner and Bob Riehl
   4.   Edwin Maryuen and Allan Yung

65 Men’s Results
   1.   Andrew Ling / Godfrey Lue-King
   2.   Otto Benke / George Van Patter
   3.   Bob Cook-Abbott / Larry Tsumura
   4.   Mike Myc / Jim Van Camp

 Open Mixed Results
   1.   Gina McDonell and Bob Riehl
   2.   Kim Benke and Tim Bobier
   3.   Patricia Archambault and Dean Perkins
   4.   Rosalind Zucker and Andrew Zucker


55 Mixed Results
   1.   Sannzzaros and Sannzzaros
   2.   Hebner and Hebner
   3.   Kim Benke and Tim Bobier
   4.   Donna Leung and Mike Yam

Open Ladies Results
   1.   Pierette Hebner/Gina McDonnell
   2.   Leanne Fraser/Valentyna Stevens
   3.   Mary Cunningham/Samantha Hale (by default)
   4.   Marg Johnson/Alice Longfield

65 Mixed Results
   1.   Weber/Myc
   2.   Tsumura/Cook-Abbott
   3.   Gruhn/Gruhn
   4.   Boehlke/Ling

Open Men’s Results
   1.   Sannzzaros/Sawdon
   2.   Morgan/Morgan
   3.   Boyle/Kenny
   4.   Cunningham/Hale

Congratulations to all!

The players enjoyed a spirit of fun and comradery, and everyone played a LOT of pickleball. Of course a tournament of this magnitude had a LOT of community support. Our volunteers and referees put in a lot of long hours, as did the dedicated members of the tournament committee, and were key to the ultimate success of our first Hamilton Pickleball tournament.

Sponsors were very supportive and included “Just Tennis” on Plains Road in Burlington who supplied us with door prizes. “Just Tennis” is the only supplier of Pickleball paddles in the Hamilton area. Call Mike Michalicka at 905-631-9778 and he will take good care of you.

The PAO had a presence at the tournament, and food suppliers Quiznos and Swiss Chalet provided delicious sustenance to hungry pickleballers all weekend long. Of course none of it would have been possible without the support of Hamilton’s Parks and Recreation.

Many participants have already expressed a desire to come back to Hamilton again next year… and we look forward to hosting again!

Gary Russell

Tournament Director

Hamilton & District Pickleball Championships, 2014