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Pickleball Demo at Brock University

Hi all you Pickleball aficionados...

Linda and Ellen Kawamoto, and myself spent a marvellous couple of hours on Thursday Feb 25th, with our notorious Jeff Morgan, seeing what a little of the future of sports education is like for our children, and theirs too.  Of course this all enfolded on the gym floor of Brock University Campus on King St in Hamilton, where the group of relatively new young educators in the world of sports education collected, to be introduced to the gentle art of beating a little green ball to death with a paddle, our favourite thing to do. 

From the introduction, it was obvious that Jeff was the dynamic leader in getting the message across that the sport of pickleball was indeed a rising force in the social community of school activities, and the proof of that was simply based on how the sport is growing and being embraced by the young and the “senior” as we all have seen.

Jeff’s energetic introduction and presentation kept all the “newbies” absorbing all the details of the “how to”,  and within a short time had the entire group expending volumes of calories trying to put it all together on the three courts.  It was amazing to see the enthousiasm the mix of the young men and ladies showed, and in true teacher fashion, they were testing themselves out, and showing each other their professional leadership abilities as the lesson evolved to an actual full game of pickleball, from the introductory aspects of it, presented by Jeff.  But mostly they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Linda, Ellen and myself got into the mix of the players as well, during the time there, to assist by suggestion and example, of how the game should be played. We also got a chance to play against some of the enthousiastic players who wanted to see what it was like to face down the “wise ones”.  We left with our dignity still intact.

Jeff introduced the group and us, to another rising sport, called “Ultimate Frisby”.  If you had any concerns about wearing off that extra spare tire you are carrying around the middle, ..try it.  enough said.!!!

We felt that it was we who should thank Jeff for the opportunity to get a little taste of the fact that our present and future educators of our offspring is in really good hands.

No doubt there is more of this to come....

Thank You Jeff

Ray Munro

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